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Ok, I have decided to include my views about this simply because many have do so and i haven’t managed to find anyone with whom i really agree. I am going to be straight to the point here.

  1. Windows should be the choice for desktops.
  2. Linux should not be a choice for desktops.
  3. Windows should not be in a server environment.
  4. Linux should be in a server environment.
  5. Windows is less time consuming to configure. (desktops)
  6. Linux – how much time to you think i have on my hands to get everything to work for a system which will need to be upgraded due to the so many kernel releases / distribution updates?
  7. Windows is easy to setup but final product is no way rewarding – slow downs experienced too early.
  8. Linux is not easy to setup but final product is very rewarding – it does not slow down – ever.
  9. Windows has a good GUI.
  10. Linux has an amazing GUI – BUT ..if not configured correctly can be very problematic – Linux should have never touched GUI – keep it CLI.

TrueCrypt is a wonderful piece of software which i recommend everyone to make use of to protect every mobile workstation. This freeware provides full or dynamic hard disk encryption. By dynamic i mean, that it can be used to encrypt flash drives, hard drives or partitions etc, depending on what you fancy. It makes use of the well known AES, 128 block size, 256 bit encryption cipher. Its is relatively easy to use since it also offers a rescue disk and software administration feels solid. I tested it on XP and Window 7 beta and there were no issues. I think I will give it a go at ubuntu too. I do suggest though that if you have a dual boot workstation you test it out prior to installation, since i have to say i managed to mess up my XP bootup after encrypting Windows 7.


Last week I installed Windows 7 beta on my 1.6GHz Acer One. These laptops are relatively slow when compared to today’s standards but once you experience the lightweight design and ease of travel, you forget about the lack of power. I love this laptop. It ran Windows Xp SP3 fairly well but what about the new Windows 7 ?

Did I already say I love this laptop?  –  I am no Windows guy – actually i hate Microsoft and all that comes in contact with it but.. and a really big BUT…Windows 7 runs even better than Windows XP. Ok, Ok, I admit I had to customize the theme a little, since once i had my applications up and running, shifting from one window to another was slightly slow (some would not mind it) so i left the effects which i personally enjoyed and there you go, a piece of art!

As you can see from the photo, one of my Penguins was not too pleased, he constantly complained in fact!


Now we see how long it will take before the booting up process becomes slow –  Penguins still prevail over Mico$oft for stability and speed!

Update: I ran into an issue with the Wifi module – Atheros Chipset. Apparently if you switch off the wifi after a reboot, the driver is lost. The latest driver on the acer site did not solve the issue.The below driver however (which is more recent) sorted it out perfectly.