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Monthly Archives: November 2012

I saved another 2 PIXs 515E from the skip and decided to give them a new home. They turned out to be 2 PIXes with 16/128 flash/RAM and with Unrestricted licenses. That was a lucky find. These boxes can support IOS 8.0.4 and run as an Active/Active cluster. They also support 6 NICs and they came with a PCIX Quad NIC. Enough said, I was pleased with them.
I was also motivated to upgrade one of them to 8.0.4, so it is now somewhat equivalent to an ASA and also installed ASDM. Youtube is your friend, there are videos which explain the upgrade procedure. The “new” PIX 515E already replaced my 515E restricted PIX. ASDM, although i don’t fancy it much, makes life easier when it comes to those on the fly configurations. Also some nice statistics can be gathered. I also configured the modem as a PPPoE client to ensure all internet traffic hit the PIX first. No more ISP pro-modems for me, I prefer this setup.