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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Another addition to my home lab is the HP DL360 G5. The specs are following:

2x Quad Core 3.0 Ghz CPUs

8Gb Ram

3x 146Gb SAS drives

1x Dual PCI-e NIC card.

2x PSUs

HP DL360  G5 (front)

HP DL360 G5 (rear)

I already installed ESXi5 on it,  conveniently the hardware is fully supported. It will probably used to host Check Point SPLAT firewall setups including a basic LDAP server.  I will then trunk the NICs to the Cisco switches to expand the environment. Fun stuff! 🙂

Recently i noticed that SAS and SATA are in fact compatible. SATA drives can be used to replace SAS drives but not vice versa. In fact, i decided to replaced one of the HP 146GB drives with a 300GB SATA Samsung i had running around. I can confirm it worked perfectly. What is important to note though, is the difference in rps the drives support. The SAS/HP drives are 10,000 while the ordinary 2.5′ drivers come in 5,400 or 7,200 which could make a significant performance difference in a production environment. However, in my case a 5400 rpm drive was enough for my lab, so long i increased the disk to a 300G. I haven’t tried the SATA drives with the HP smart array though –  this might introduce some issues.