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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Ok, I have decided to include my views about this simply because many have do so and i haven’t managed to find anyone with whom i really agree. I am going to be straight to the point here.

  1. Windows should be the choice for desktops.
  2. Linux should not be a choice for desktops.
  3. Windows should not be in a server environment.
  4. Linux should be in a server environment.
  5. Windows is less time consuming to configure. (desktops)
  6. Linux – how much time to you think i have on my hands to get everything to work for a system which will need to be upgraded due to the so many kernel releases / distribution updates?
  7. Windows is easy to setup but final product is no way rewarding – slow downs experienced too early.
  8. Linux is not easy to setup but final product is very rewarding – it does not slow down – ever.
  9. Windows has a good GUI.
  10. Linux has an amazing GUI – BUT ..if not configured correctly can be very problematic – Linux should have never touched GUI – keep it CLI.