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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Finally… the long awaiting VMware server 2 has been released and i have upgraded in under 20mins (this time!) All works like a charm, apart from one weird issue… ctrl-alt-del will not work in the console, since as soon as you press clt-alt, the cursor is released! WTF !!! Anyway. thanks God, the del key of the numeric pad works . .  pheewww.. i was already panicing… ! 🙂


This weekend i decided to try Ubuntu 8.10. In one word –  WwwwooOOoohh ! Finally my dual display is working as it should and i must say that this version is the one which gave me least problems to configure. I ran into the same “Connect to a Server” (Samba) issue with this version but the workaround is easy:

(smb://<ipaddress of windows share>/<windows shared folder’s name>)

AllTray seems to be finally working as it should also, and the rest, movies, audio all worked out of the box –  or rather, out of the ubuntu installation disk!

There was an issue with Flash pluggin, (no sound was given once installed, but a fix has been issued already)

Since i required IE for a particular site and personally i prefer Office 2007 to OpenOffice, I thought this was the opportunity to try Crossover ( It worked perfectly. I will probably add this one to my “to purchase list”

Well done Ubuntu, you are heading in the right direction, world domination is getting closer! 😀