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Monthly Archives: September 2008

I decided to relocate my desk in another corner of my room, my older desk has become a test area now! 😛 So, on my desk you may find.

1) My Acer TravelMate 6291 / ubuntu laptop (with 17″ Screen attached)

2) My new Acer Aspire One (running XP –  i required a windows machine for some testing)

3) A network switch (beneath monitor) I really should replace this with a managed once since it is messing up my vlans)

4) My 3 Penguins  (guess what they are representing)

The rest is the obvious!

And this is how the tech area looks when i am labbing..


Finally RC 2 has been released and i can say it finally fixes one major bug ie VMware console in firefox 3.0.* and fully compatible with IE7. 🙂 Another bug which has cropped up, is renaming the bridged interfaces does not seem to be possible. The default name seems to remain even though i specify the interface name manually. Before my interfaces were called –  Management, Vlan 1 and DMZ, now they seem to remain Bridge, Bridge (2) and Bridge (3) . . neah… i can live with it… but in RC1 this issue was not present!

I wanted to mount my windows Shares onto my VMware Sever (linux ubuntu) so that i can use it as an NFS and boot by VMs from the Windows Sever (since my windows server has a Raid Array) I tried several samba combinations but none seemed to work. CIFS seemed to do the trick.

Install smbfs

sudo aptitude install smbfs

Use the below command

mount.cifs //<ip address> </win_share> /mount/in/linux -o username=<username>,password=<password>


mount.cifs //$ /media/sdc1/ -o username=xxxxxxx,password=xxxxxxxxxxxx

To unmount use:


To mount it permanently:

vi /etc/fstab

add this entry:

//Server_ip>/share_name /path_to/mount_in_linux username=server_user,password=server_password,netdev 0 0