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Still no good news! I have decided to setup 2 x86 Mikrotik test boxes with 2 Atheros antennae installed in each. I am then  going to configure the same Mangle (Nth) via packet marking and will see the results.

The only difference from my live setup is that the antennae are separate boxes (RB333) over a quad NIC in the Mikrotik Load Balancer / Mangle box.  I am still waiting for my fourth WiFi card to arrive since i seem to have taken all their available stock..

….. More weeks passed and i can officially say that Mikrotik Load Balancing DOES NOT WORK ! The issue is always the same. I have used Wireshark and confirmed the issue. It can be Bonding, Mangle or whatever but Mikrotik devices do not reorder packets at the destination, which results in a very high loss of bandwidth. Bonding is slower since there is packet encapsulation, Mangle will give a slightly higher bandwidth but will not give you redundancy once a link fails (you manually have to change the rules or else packet loss is experienced). Over all it is, was and will remain a disaster for load balancing. Whoever makes use of any form of load balancing, make sure you keep an eye on the end systems since there are taking on the load to reorder or re-request packets .

I have to point out that this issue is present when load balancing is performed on wireless links (since each wireless link’s is not as stable as a wired link –  which creates different delays on each wireless link –  which makes packets arrive faster on some link when compared to others) hence why when i tested this setup on wired links i had no problems. Also note, that with UDP packets are lighter and that UDP is connection-less so performance on UDP will look good. In reality, no connection is UDP only, so this means that you will never really use the bandwidth you see when you are testing under UDP. TCP bandwidth tests are a totally different story.

PS: A number of months passed and the issue still seems to be present. Another setup such as bonding over WDS was tested but the same results were obtained –  time to move away from Mikrotik for this setup.

Case Closed.



  1. Hi
    I just succeeded in creating a OSPF network with (static) load balancing through mangle and static routes. I mean, I configured the mikrotik boards in order to work correctly with unicast packets and provide failover.
    Please write me back if you need further details, as I would like to discuss with you about it. And I have also some issues yet to be solved (multicast and PIM with OSPF).

    • Hello Dario,

      Sure, I am very interested in knowing how you managed to setup such a setup. Feel free to post any questions on my blog or simply email me. I will try and help you with PIM and Multicast although i have to admit that it is a little of a weak area for me since it is not experienced daily here and time is tight. I will have to read over my CCNP BSCI notes and set my lab for a couple of scenarios. Will try my best.


  2. sir pls send me the configuration threw winbox for configure the vlan and bandwidth management in 450 mikrotik including routing
    2-3-4 bandwidth manage in rb 450

  3. gdf

  4. Hi
    I am Shahid

    Please how can i configure load balance two kind of network

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