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Since i am a fan of Mikrotik devices and i can say that i have now setup quite a number of topologies, i decided to provide links to the most common configurations that i have setup.

WDS Bridging mode:

Using netinstall:

Interface bonding:



Supported Hardware:

Personally i am running a 7 interface Mikrotik box (PCI Nics). It is running as a firewall/router. RouterOS version is currently the latest (3.11 at the time of this post). This Mikrotik is running on an AMD Athlon XP 2200 (1.8Ghz with 1Gigi Ram)

I have another Mikrotik router which is not active since i usually use it as a test machine.

The non active Mikrotik has 2 Realtek PCI NiCs and 1 PCI Wfi Card running on an old 128MB Ram Pentium Pro. The Wifi PCI card is 100% compatible with the Mikrotik Kernel and supports all features that run at 2.4Ghz.  – The card is a  Trendnet TEW-443PI (Atheros Chipset)

I have experimented OSPF and BGP but i can say that i never come accross a setup where i really required such protocols. Interface Bonding over multiple wireless links and static routing is still my favourite 🙂


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